Meet the team

Keith Gordon

Keith Gordon

Owner- Manager Operations
My family have been involved with horses since I was six, have grown up with ponies and racehorses, sadly don’t have time for them now but horse floats give me an equine interest.

Trailers pay the bills around here, but horse floats are a passion, I’ll talk to you about horses and horse floats for hours.

Our trailer range caterers for 90 percent of what the market requires, but if we don’t have what you need, I’ll use my contacts to find someone who can provide what you want.


  • Phone03 3487 124 extn 3 , 0800 222 172
Debbie Gordon

Debbie Gordon

Administration Involved in Admin/ Marketing/ Sales 30yrs in Sales, Business development and Finance Administration Brought up on a farm and has been involved with horses all my life. Pony Club, Showing and Hunting.

“We like making the experience of purchasing an Elite Trailer or Float an easy experience for the client.”

Male customers can be a bit taken back with a woman selling them a trailer. By the end of the process they accept that I know a lot about trailers, I concentrate on what customers will use the trailer for rather than the technical stuff. To me it’s important that we sell them the right trailer for their needs.


  • Phone03 3487 124 extn 2 or 0 , 0800 222 172


Sales Christchurch and Auckland
Jono is back with the team, with his vast knowledge of the complete trailer range.

We have a diverse customer base and it’s great finding the right fit for each clients requirements.

Elite Trailers has been a fantastic opportunity to come back to and to be part of an established and dedicated a team, who genuinely care about both their product and customers.

  • Phone03 3487 124 extn 1 , 0800 222 172

Dave- Paint and Panel over 35 years of experience

Scott- Years of  Trailer Fabrication and General engineering

Luke-  General engineering

Leanne- General engineering and detailing

Chris- General engineering

Theo- General engineering

Megan- Admin/Sales Support – Years  of  Customer Services experience


Vinay- General engineering