Look how easy it is to load and transport a Ford Falcon Ute on the 5.0 metre long Brian James C4 Transporter.
To view the sequence of loading photos click on link below.
The low bed height of the Brian James Transporter is a real advantage when loading and provides a stable towing platform. Additionally the durotorque suspension allows the rear of the trailer to squat as the vehicle travels onto the loading ramps. This reduces the loading angle and is helpful when loading low ground clearance vehicles such as lowered vehicles or vehicles with low body kits.

When selecting a car transporter it is best to make sure your transporter bed is longer than the vehicle you are transporting, this allows you to move the vehicle forward or backward on the deck for optimum towing balance. There is nothing worse than towing with the load pitching because it is poorly balanced.

Brian James C4 with ETF Ute on it