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Basil &Trudi Meyers Walnut Harvester on a Brian James Connect

Basil and Trudi Meyers Walnut Harvester can now be easily transported to clients nut orchards using their new Brian James CarGO Connect flatdeck trailer.
At 5.0m long the CarGO Connect is big enough to safely transport a variety of plant and equipment as well as large and long loads.
The full width tail ramp and tilting mechanism make loading the harvester a simple operation.


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C4 Car Transport & HR Holden

Robert's recently purchased 5.00m C4 Car Transporter with his HR Holden on board.
The HR still has a bit of work to be done, but is shaping up as a fun project.
The Brian James Transporter will get the HR to the Drag Strip in style, where its big horsepower will make short work of the quarter mile.
Photo is a good illustration of how the Brian James Over-tyre Stropping System works


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TracStrap Testing On the new Brian James Digger Plant2

The Brian James TracStrap system is being well received by operators of plant as they realise the benefits of our affordable and reliably safe machine attachment system. The TracStrap consists of a front chock with 10tonne strops securing the digger tracks and digger arm lock. The arm lock secures the digger arm and bucket.

TracStrap has been designed to eliminate time wasting and corner cutting, fulfilling a growing awareness of Health and Safety measures within the transport of machinery.
Recently the Brian James Trailers West Germany had the TracStrap system tested by TUV Nord (A German based Technical and Certification organisation) this included a Road test with full lockup brake test.
Very impressive result with no movement of the digger


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Inside a Brian James Race Sport Transporter

Have a walk around inside this amazing trailer


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Otago Rally 2017 - Big Win - Congratulations to the Paddon RallySport Team

Otago Rally 2017 - Paddon Rallysport-prepared Hyundai i20 wins rally
Congratulations to the team, car travelling in the new Brian James Race Sport Car Transporter
Click on the Brian James tab to learn more about this amazing trailer


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Brian James Box Blue Trailer in Outback Africa Race

Outback Adventure Company is currently travelling through Sahara with a Brian James 3.0m x 1.65m Tandem Box Blue Trailer as support trailer for a North African Motor Cycle Race
Judging by Condition of the road and speed, it is getting a serious workout.
Click on the blue Outback to watch it on the move


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Ready to go on my new C4 Blue 4.5 Transporter


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Off Racing

Car all loaded on my new Brian James C4 Blue 5m Transporter


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A great way to transport your vehicle on a Brian James C4 -click photo for more information

Look how easy it is to load and transport a Ford Falcon Ute on the 5.0 metre long Brian James C4 Transporter.
To view the sequence of loading photos click on link below.
The low bed height of the Brian James Transporter is a real advantage when loading and provides a stable towing platform. Additionally the durotorque suspension allows the rear of the trailer to squat as the vehicle travels onto the loading ramps. This reduces the loading angle and is helpful when loading low ground clearance vehicles such as lowered vehicles or vehicles with low body kits.

When selecting a car transporter it is best to make sure your transporter bed is longer than the vehicle you are transporting, this allows you to move the vehicle forward or backward on the deck for optimum towing balance. There is nothing worse than towing with the load pitching because it is poorly balanced.


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Off to the race track

Customer's Classic Austin race car loaded on his new Brian James C2 Transporter
Now they are off to the race track


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Brian James Trailers "Click" on the Brian James Logo for range

Now Available through Christchurch Branch
Brian James Trailers, prestigious trailer manufacturers in the UK for over 30 years, are now “connected to you” through their New Zealand agents Elite Trailers
Brian James Trailers offer you quality trailers to suit your needs without compromise!


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